I’ll work with leaders selected by the House or Senate – Buhari

Buhari . president.elect

The President-elect Muhammadu Buhari (photo) has reaffirmed his willingness to work with any leader of the National Assembly that the process throws up, irrespective of what part of the country he or she comes from.

There has been controversy over the election of new leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives, as the All Progressives Congress which has the majority seats has failed so far to allocate the offices to different regions of the country.

Buhari restated his stand on the contentious issue warning that it will not be business as usual.

In seperate statements released on Wednesday and last week, Buhari said that this has become necessary in view of the continued name-dropping in some circles linking his name to some candidates in the National Assembly

Buhari made this known in two different statements conjoined as follows:

“I am prepared to work with any leaders that the House or Senate selects. It doesn’t matter who the person is or where he or she is from.

There is due process for the selection of leaders of the National Assembly, and I will not interfere in that process.

Nigeria has indeed entered a new dispensation. My administration does not intend to repeat the same mistakes made by previous governments”

– Muhammadu Buhari, President-elect of Nigeria

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