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Biafra agitation: Over our dead bodies will Anambra election hold – BSS leader, Ezekwesiri; Niger Delta militants withdraw quit notice to northerners & Yoruba; Police TV Channel takes off Nov 28 with 5,000 staff; Separatist Biafra: Police deploys personnel to Southeast, ready to arrest Nnamdi Kanu; What will happen to Nigeria if I’m rearrested: Nnamdi Kanu dares Buhari; Nigerian Army extends 40 days deadline to capture Boko Haram leader, Shekau . . .

Biafra agitation: Over our dead bodies will Anambra election hold – BSS leader, Ezekwesiri

The Commander of the newly inaugurated Biafra Secret Service (BSS) in Ebonyi State, Ezekwesiri Kenneth, has boasted that the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra State will never be held.

 He said the reverse would be the case only when all BSS officers were dead.

IPOB . Biafra Secret Service . BSS

Photo: The Biafra Secret Service (BSS) founded by Biafra separatist, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Ezekwesili made this declaration on Friday during the BSS solidarity match in some communities in Afikpo North council area. The BSS commander reiterated the IPOB stand that it would not allow the poll to hold.

He dismissed the stories in the media that the governors of the South East had obtained words from their leader, Kanu that the group would backtrack on its earlier position.

Along all the major roads they matched through, they chanted anti-Buhari and Osinbajo songs.

Ezekwesiri Kenneth said, inter alia, below:

“Nnamdi Kanu established the Biafra Secret Service (BSS) to help in the security of Biafra territory. We are working underground such that the Nigerian Government doesn’t know how we operate.

All we are agitating is that we are tired of being in this contraption called Nigeria. We are tired of the Nigerian Government. And we matching along these major roads are to tell the people that there will be no more Nigerian election in Biafran land. We are taking the message to every nook and cranny of Biafran land to tell them not to acquire the Nigeria’s voter’s card not to talk of their election.

We are going to use Anambra State to set an example so that other states in Biafran land will learn. We are sure and we are going to assure them that there will be no election in Anambra State. The message is that there will be no election in Biafran land starting from Kogi, Benue, Edo, Delta, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and others . . . The federal government is just backing like toothless bulldog. He said that he wants to arrest our messiah, Nnamdi Kanu, the messiah who will lead us to the Promised Land . . . any attempt to re-arrest the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, would be vehemently resisted . . . “

— Mr. Ezekwesiri Kenneth, Commander of the Biafra Secret Service (BSS) in Ebonyi State

He declared that the secret police was ready to match force with equal force with the federal troupe that would be dispatched to effect the arrest of Kanu.

According to him, President Muhammadu Buhari has no locus standi to effect the arrest of the IPOB leader.

Niger Delta militants withdraw quit notice to northerners & Yoruba

The coalition of Niger Delta militants, on Friday, withdrew the October 1 quit notice they issued to northerners and Yoruba living in the region.

The Pan Niger Delta People’s Congress (PNDPC), a new group that claimed to have the mandate to negotiate for the Niger Delta with the Federal Government and other interested stakeholders, said the issuers of the quit notice gave them the mandate to withdraw it.

Niger Delta Militants

The coalition had disbanded the Chief Edwin Clark-led Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) after passing a vote of no confidence in the group and constituted PNDPC as the new negotiator for the region.

The militant groups appointed His Royal Majesty Pere Ayemi-Botu, paramount ruler of Seimbiri Kingdom as the head of the PNDPC and named Chief Mike Loyibo as the coordinator/ convener of the group.

The coalition comprises the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers; Niger Delta Joint Revolutionary Crusaders Council; Niger Delta Supreme Egbesu Fighters; Niger Delta Red Scorpion Fighters; Niger Delta Youth Mandate for Justice; Niger Delta People’s Liberation Force; Niger Delta Fighters for Resource Control; Niger Delta for Urhobo Resource Control; and Bakassi People’s Liberation Force.

Loyibo, whom the coalition said was appointed following his track records of integrity and honesty, confirmed that the coalition mandated the PNPDC to announce the withdrawal of the quit notice.

He said the youths were remorseful after he and members of the new group met with them and told them the implications of the quit notice to the peace and development of the region.

He said: “People should disregard the quit notice from our youths. I have spoken to many of them and they mandated me to withdraw it on their behalf.

“They have called off the quit notice and discharged it. Everybody in the region in the west, east and north should go about their normal business. I can guarantee them of their safety.

“The entire Niger Delta people are not in agreement with the quit notice issue. The boys that issued it are very remorseful. So, they have asked me, because they mandated me to speak for them and the region, to discharge the quit notice.

” Loyibo noted that such unpatriotic remarks like issuance of quit notices had their origin from the cold war involving the country’s founding fathers during the precolonial era.

“This quit notice and counter quit notice found their foundations from the precolonial days. The three leaders that negotiated the independence of Nigeria did not love themselves.

“It was the crisis that extended to our era where everybody begins to struggle for their own. I don’t believe in regional or tribal considerations. As Ijaw people, those that had been good to us did not come from our region,” he said.

He said the youths were only suspicious that the Federal Government was trying to weaken them through promises that they might not fulfill at last.

Loyibo said the leaders also told the youths to also hold their governors, appointees and regional interventionist agencies responsible for lack of leadership and development.

He blamed the Arewa youths for causing tension in the polity and frowned on the way and manner the government treated them.

He noted that nobody should be treated as a second class citizen adding that all must be held as equal stakeholders in the Nigerian project.

The Ijaw leader, however, said the youths in the region still believed in the integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, and their ability to fulfill the promises they made to the region.

He said: “We are peace-loving people. Our diversity is our strength. Mr. President has brought a lot of integrity to governance and he came in with massive goodwill. So, I believe that this is the time he should be addressing the issue.

“The late President Yar’Adua took the bull by the horn and declared amnesty and today amnesty is working. The place is being transformed in human capacity building.

This is not the time for us to bring violence. When the militants and the agitators and the people of the Niger Delta named us to represent the Niger Delta as the new face, it did not come to us as a surprise because some of us have long history of integrity and openness.

“We believe that Nigeria will continue to remain as one under a peaceful situation. So, I hereby, use this medium to formally discharge that quit notice. It is of no effects and there is no element of seriousness and the people that did it are very remorseful after we met with them and scolded them.” 


Police TV Channel takes off Nov 28 with 5,000 staff

The proposed Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service (NPBS) would hit the Air Waves nationwide beginning from November 28 2017 with a fund-raising ceremony at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, its Chairman/CEO, Ediri Jerry Wesley has said.


Speaking in an interview with journalists in Abuja, he commended the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris for working tirelessly despite his busy schedule to ensure the realisation of the Police TV project.

Wesley said, “The NPBS will focus on four areas of operations (TV, Radio, Online and Emergency Control Centre). The project which is a Public Private Partnership with the Nigeria Police will help to curb insecurity by prompt respond to emergency situations.

Unlike most broadcast organisations, the NPBS will not source for commercial adverts for sustainability, rather its survival will depend largely on sponsorship from corporate organisations and well-meaning Nigerians, Wesley said.

He also threw information on recruitment of personnel saying NPBS would poach professionals from world broadcast organisations including the Cable News Network (CNN).

“About 5,000 young Nigerians will be engaged and trained by 50 expatriate (Professionals from CNN, BBC and other foreign media Organisations) for three years”, Wesley stated.

In order to reach all Nigerians irrespective of their educational background, transmission will also be done in both Pidgin English and other Nigerian Languages, he said. 

He said, “The NPBS will focus on four areas of operations (TV, Radio, Online and Emergency Control Centre). The project which is a Public Private Partnership with the Nigeria Police will help to curb insecurity by prompt respond to emergency situations.”


Separatist Biafra: Police deploys personnel to Southeast, ready to arrest Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu ‘under surveillance’ as police deploy more personnel in south-east

The Nigerian Police said it has increased the numerical strength of their personnel in the South-East and South-South zones of the country. According to the police, this was in a bid to prevent a breach of the peace, which may result from the activities of Biafra agitators ahead of the upcoming Anambra State governorship election.

Police . Nigeria Police Force

The police also said it was waiting for court pronouncement for the arrest of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The federal government had last week sought the revocation of Mazi Kanu’s bail at the Federal High Court in Abuja, contending that Mazi Kanu had severally breached his bail conditions.

There are reports that the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been placed under surveillance, according to PUNCH. The newspaper reported that this is to prevent him from fleeing the country if the court revokes his bail and orders his re-arrest.

Last week, the federal government approached the Federal High Court court in Abuja to seek the revocation of Kanu’s bail for flouting the conditions given to him before he was released. Justice Binta Nyako of the federal high court in Abuja who set him free on bail, ordered Mazi Kanu not to grant media interviews or to be seen in a crowd of more than 10 people, but he has since violated the bail conditions.

The prosecution had said that instead of using the opportunity of his bail to attend to his health needs, upon which he was given bail ab initio), Mazi Kanu had gone ahead to inaugurate a security outfit, known as Biafra Security Service (BSS).

The prosecution said this constituted a threat to national security. Reacting to the government’s move, Kanu said anyone who tries to arrest him will die. He has also vowed that the November 18 governorship election in Anambra state would not hold if the federal government fails to conduct a referendum on Biafra. The police said the threat made them increase the strength of their personnel in the south-east and south- south regions to tackle any breach of peace.

What will happen to Nigeria if I’m rearrested: Nnamdi Kanu dares Buhari

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has vowed that Nigeria will burn if the Federal Government goes ahead to re-arrest him.

Kanu was reacting to the recent moves by the Nigerian government to arrest him for breaching his bail condition. Speaking with Sun, the IPOB leader said he would resist every attempt to silence him, arguing that he has not committed any offence that could lead to his rearrest.

Mazi Kanu said:

Nnamdi Kanu 5

“I don’t care! Quote me verbatim. If I’m re-arrested, this country will burn, I assure you. From where that oil money they depend on, they can no longer have access to it. I assure them that. This is not empty threat. We’re IPOB, we don’t abandon our own.

I will sacrifice anything, including my family to ensure that Biafra is restored. Any obstacle on my way will be obliterated. I’m not asking for Sokoto; I’m not asking for Kaduna, or Borno, I said this very land where my progenitors raised us; the land of our ancestors; of over 5, 000 years old, this land must be free, absolutely free, I assure you of that. The way we were before the white man came; had the white man not come, I would have no relationship with Sokoto, non whatsoever.

The white man is not God, only God can create a nation, Lord Lugard is not God, only God can create a nation. I can tell you the day Nigeria was created even till the exact second and hour, but you can’t tell me when Biafra was created. It came as a result of organic interaction of cultures and value systems and traditions fussed into one to make Biafra a possibility, that is how nations emerge.

By the collision of commonalities and value systems, not one idiot somewhere pontificating and dictating to us who should be in a country or not. Other African people can accept it, Nnamdi kanu cannot accept that.

The white man is not God and cannot create a country for me. Have Nigerians sat round the table to say we have agreed that our name is Nigeria? We want to live together; perhaps, there will be a strong argument against what I’m proposing. Right now, what we are seeking to do is go back to where we were before 1914. From there, we can then begin to negotiate and discuss.”

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Separatist Biafra agitator & IPOB leader

Nigerian Army extends 40 days deadline to capture Boko Haram leader, Shekau

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, has extended his 40-day deadline to the Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Ibrahim Attahiru, to capture the leader of the Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, dead or alive.

The deadline, which was earlier issued by Buratai to the commander on July 21, 2017, expired on August 30, 2017.

The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman, said in a statement on Friday that the commander requested for an extension of the order to capture Abubakar Shekau, which was granted by Buratai.

However, the statement was silent on the duration of the extended deadline.

Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman said, inter alia, below:

Army . Brig. Gen. Sani Usman Army PRO

“The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. T.Y. Buratai, has commended the Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, his sector commanders and all troops of Operation Lafiya Dole for pursuing the COAS directive of capturing the purported Boko Haram terrorists’ leader, Abubakar Shekau, dead or alive, within 40 days beginning on July 21, 2017, which elapsed on August 30, 2017.

Although the leader has not been captured, the COAS noted with satisfaction the zeal and determination with which the directive was pursued. He congratulated the commander for eliminating five key leaders of the terrorist group that were the closest associates and right-hand men of the terrorist group leader.

The Theatre Commander has asked for the extension of the deadline and it has been granted by the COAS.”


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