Wear Manchester United Jersey & Get 80 Lashes – ISIS

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ISIS threatens 80 lashes for wearing Adidas Manchester United shirts

ISIS terrorist organization has forbidden the wearing of football (soccer) jerseys made by sportswear companies Nike and Adidas. The new ISIS rules were issued by ISIS’ Hisba religious police in Al-Furat province in Iraq, according to The Mirror. According to NEWSWEEK, Jerseys from football clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid come under the category as they are manufactured by the two sportswear giants (Nike and Adidas) and are, therefore, totally banned.

Any citizen (mostly within territories controlled by ISIS) caught breaking the rules faces 80 lashes. Reports indicate that this comes just weeks after the extremist group banned football referees from one of its strongholds, because they officiated games based on FIFA rules rather than Sharia rules.

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